LED lights enter China's civil consumption field more slowly than Europe and America

In December 29th, the first gold finger award sponsored by the China Illuminating society and the China lighting network was announced by the Chinese lighting industry. PHILPS and other companies listed on the list.

At the meeting, Zhou Xuejun, director of PHILPS's China market, said PHILPS will make LED lights account for 45% of total sales in 2015.

Zhou Xuejun, director of China marketing at Philips Lumileds, said that the LED lighting industry's GDP increased by 24% this year. LED lighting consumption, professional consumers accounted for 2/3, ordinary consumers accounted for 1/3. He said that LED is a global trend to replace light bulbs, and China also proposed to ban all incandescent lamps in 2016, but it is expected that instead of LED lights, the main ones will be energy-saving lamps. This is because China's energy-saving lamps are much cheaper than abroad, and the price difference between China's LED bulbs and energy-saving lamps is great. One energy-saving lamp is 20 yuan, and one LED lamp is sold to 50 pieces. Therefore, it is expected that LED lights will enter China's civilian consumption field, which may be slower than Europe and the United states.

At the same time, Zhou Xuejun said, China's LED street lamps this year increased by 30% compared with last year, is expected to increase by about 50% in 2012, involving the amount will be substantially improved. The three or four line cities are more active than the first tier cities in the use of LED lights.

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